New Launch Evolves the Dropbox Experience To a Living Team Workspace, Says CEO

“We’ve launched the biggest change we’ve ever made to our product, an all-new desktop app,: says Dropbox CEO Drew Houston. “It evolves the Dropbox experience from a folder full of files to a living team workspace. You can have not just files but any kind of cloud content.”

We Are An Experience-Driven Company, Says Chewy CEO

“Last year we sent about 50,000 pet portraits to our customers,” says Chew CEO Sumit Singh. “We’re an experience-driven company. This is not a cost. This is an engagement mechanism.We think of this as an experience building. We have 90 percent re-ups (of our subscriptions). Our customers love engaging with us.”

Fiverr Is The Everything Store For Digital Services, Says CEO

“Fiverr is the everything store for digital services,” says Fiverr CEO Micha Kaufman. “The way people usually find freelancers is they post on Facebook asking if someone knows a good graphics designer. What we’re doing is we’re making it a one-click experience. It’s an Amazon experience to buy a digital service.”

Why LinkedIn Live Is a Big Deal

Just a few years ago, most people barely acknowledged LinkedIn as a social network. “Oh, LinkedIn? I never really pay attention to that.” was a popular refrain. While most people were snoozing, LinkedIn was growing, and a combination of LinkedIn…

Disney Takes a Playbook Out of Digitally Native Companies

“All of a sudden people are realizing that Disney is going to take the advantages that they have, content that nobody else has, moats that give them actual real leverage in the negotiations, and then they’re going to actually take a playbook out of these more digitally native companies,” says Sean Ammirati of Birchmere Ventures.”

There’s Been No Salesforce of Security, Says CrowdStrike CEO

“There really hasn’t been a foundational cloud company born from the ground up in the cloud,” says CrowdStrike CEO George Kurtz. “There’s been no Salesforce of security. We think we’ve taken the right approach and created the right architecture to be that fourth pillar of cloud computing.”

Cell-Based Meat: Real Meat Without Slaughtering Animals

“This is real meat directly from animal cells,” says Memphis Meats CEO Uma Valeti. “People who love meat for thousands of years immediately recognize this as meat. In fact, cell-based meat is called the holy grail of the food industry. This is meat and when people taste it that’s when the magic happens.”

Digital Changes the Game Entirely, Says Delta Air Lines CEO

“Digital changes the game entirely,” says Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian. “The big thing you’re going to see us do is to bring the technologies, not just into the hands of the customers going mobile in terms of controlling your experience with Delta, but into the hands of our employees.”

Tableau With Salesforce Supercharges Our Organizations, Says Salesforce CEO

“The third cornerstone of digital transformation is the analytics and the visualization and the business intelligence to see everything in your company,” says Salesforce co-CEO Marc Benioff. “There’s no more amazing company in that category then Tableau whose mission is to make sure that the world can see and understand data.”

The Subscription Economy Is Taking Over The World, Says Gainsight CEO

“What’s happening is that the subscription economy is just taking over the world,” says Gainsight CEO Nick Mehta. It shows up for our consumer lives with Netflix, Amazon, etc. It shows up at work as well. Because of that, all of those companies just can’t afford to just sell to their customers and move on.”


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